Climbing out of Depression

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The feeling that most depressed people have is that there is no-one who understands how they are feeling, how impossible it is to feel anything other than hopelessness and sadness, and how impossible it is to change the way that they feel now to the way that they used to feel and the way that other people feel( i.e.. happy!)

A further complication is that if someone has visited their G.P. for help they will have been prescribed anti-depressants.  This medication brings with it its own range of feelings.   A common experience is that everyone and everything feels remote.   The person feels as if they are looking at the world through a curtain.  They are not relating to it as before but in a remote way by which they part the curtain for a few moments to observe what is happening out there but never feel that experience of people and things relate to them directly.

Depressed people feel that they have no individual worth.  They are a burden and no-one can possibly like them. appreciate them, need them.

Depressed people feel that they are the only one to have ever felt like this and are certainly the only person who feels like this at this precise moment. 

They often think that their feelings are a natural result of the cards they have been dealt in life.  If they have a physical illness or disability then they are the only one who has experienced this and therefore how they feel is a direct result of this.


How can people may steps to change their depressed experiences?

Physical exercise must play a part in helping clients.

Cognitive therapy approaches are particularly good for tackling this way of thinking.  

Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can help by using these main approaches.

Suggestions of growing confidence and growing ability to cope can be made at both a conscious and an unconscious level.  The sufferer can be helped to look at themselves more positively.

They can also be taken back to times when they experienced confidence and control and then after feeling those experiences again they can be encouraged to bring them into the present and to feel them now in a way in which they can have confidence and feel in control in the present.  

Associated with depression is often an anxiety about how to cope with the tasks that have to be done each day and a fear that the ability to function in a satisfactory way with every day challenges has gone.  Hypnotherapy is very good for calming the mind and reducing general anxiety.  This then leads to the client being in a state of mind in which they can face challenges with confidence and function to the best of their abilities.

Hypnotherapy is also very good at enabling a person to imagine how they will react in a particular situation and to practise going into a situation with a game plan already worked out.  

In many situations hypnotherapy can help the client to find novel solutions to the problems they are facing.

Breaking up the normal thought patterns with a specific humorous suggestion can be a very useful way to interrupt negative thinking.

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